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Gaian Magic for Dummies

Gaian Magic is the native magic of the Gaian homeworld in an unknown galaxy, and is known to be both used for general things but also for fighting.

For every Native or non Native Gaian they have a magical manifestation of their magic called their inner beast form, or simply a beast form. It acts like a persona or stand as it is controlled by you.
-A Beast form acts like a second wind of your magic, and can cast spells on it's own by your command.
-Each beast form is unique but it is possible for a form to be overwritten by powerful hypnosis magic.
-There are three ways for a beast form to be summoned, by a beast bracelet trigger or by force by summoning it if the user is that experanded with magic.

Gaian magic is rather unique in that there are two main ways that a spell can be summoned, either by forming said spell in their hands with some form of a wand or staff or with a spell circle or spell ring. And that there are general natural spells or by using their creativity to form a new spell.
-Using a spell circle or ring is considered a rather old school way of summoning magic, but is just as effective as the hands method summoning spells.
-Using a staff is also rather old school, as the magic is channeled into it like a beast bracelet and it allows to easily create a spell circle by activating said staff to create a spell circle to be as big or small.

Gaian magic weapons are similar to Gem weapons and can be respawned or summoned as many times as the user wants, and often on the user they come from a glowing spot on their body if not they are teleported in by the user through a spell circle.

Lastly, there are tools that are needed to help prevent something rather dangerous from happening.
-Beast Trigger- A Brown gun shaped device (like a Kirijo Group brand envoker) with a clear gem in the middle of it that creates a powerful charge of magic power. It can be used as envoker to summon a beast form, and it's used in the same way. When it's used it shoots a magic bullet into the user's brain with a white fog around it with a glass breaking sound effect.
-Beast Band- a Dynamax shaped bracelet that's brown with a clear square shaped gemstone in it, it's used to hold extra magic from a beast trigger. It also helps discharge magic like a battery, and can create the magic orbs needed for a gigantic version of a beast form. It also prevents a gaian werewolf's magic gland from burning out, lastly you can tell how much magic is within it by looking at the gemstone if it's glowing bright it's full if it's dull and colorless it's empty and is activated by pressing the stone.
-Beast Collar- Acts like an inhibitor to prevent a gaian werewolf transformation and is a collar with opaque gemstone within it, as it likes a sponge to absorb the magic but can be discharged later like a beast trigger.
-Beast Bracelet- has the trigger aspect of the beast trigger in it, along with the stone for the band one is facing the outside the other facing the inside of it.

Gaian Elements-

(Dark Green)Grass- able to control plants, and flora.
(Orange)Strength- Super Strength, with enhanced speed and endurance.
(Black)Dark- Can control shadows, and is the mirror of light magic.
(White)Light- Can see in the future and interact with dreams, and can use psychic based powers.
(Yellow)Electric- Can walk on clouds, control electricity and can fly super fast
(Sliver)Steel- These wolves can harden their fur (and claws) to mine though things and can see in the dark as they are built to be underground
(Dark Blue)Water- Fast water swimming, able to control the water and can breathe underwater.
(Dark Red)Flames- Able to control flames, and having heatproof powers.
(Dark Purple)Spirit- 50/50 hybrids of a grass and psychic wolf and can heal things
(Velvet Red)Insect- Can use their longer fangs to suck juices and other things.
(Brown)Ghost- 50/50 hybrid of a psychic and shadow wolf
(Light Yellow)Cloud- can control wind and walk on clouds
(Dark Silver)Rock- have the fur hardening power but not as dense, and can't see in the dark either.
(Light Silver)Ground- has the fur hardening power around their fists, and can dig very fast but lack the ability to see in the dark.
(Dark Grey)Poison- has the ability to create poisons and toxins in their bodies, and can spit poison from their mouths, they can go chameleon and go invisible but have very powerful stomach acids. However they are healers by nature though.
(Red&Black)Dragon- hybrids of steel and fire wolves

Each element is used in a way for a signature move of their respective user, that is a powerful move to unleash damage onto an enemy or an opponent it is unique to whomever it is

-Lastly as long as someone is holding a beast bracelet or having a wand or a staff, they can perform Gaian magic and it's so easy and creative to use that everyone and their grandma has learned it.
-Every wolf can teleport to an extent, fly and use general magic.

The only weaknesses of gaian magic are-

Overexposure to magic- it is possible for a gaian wolf to be overloaded so much with magic they burn out the magic glands in their brains permanently.

Stamina problem- Gaian magic relies much on the physical and mental ability of the user, and if someone is exhausted or out of shape it's possible that they can't use their powers both physically or mentally.

Memory/head related problems- headache or a migraine could cause a block on the magic flow this is not unique to a gaian wolf much like the stadmina one.

Gaian flu- The gaian flu is like the common cold but the gaian flu makes the user unable to use their magic, with a fever.

The last last thing would be this- The Moonstone family are the only ones who can switch between the elements as over their family tree wolves from all over the Gaian homeworld have ruled on the moonstone family throne. And that only one wolf can be able to use one main element at a time; it's not possible to use half and half of two powers that don't naturally mix.


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