Pokephilia Story - Love has No Bounds
A Frog who wished to Love Ch. 2​
By J.C. Solis

The sun was now up high in the sky on another hot day, and the people and pokemon over at the Poke Park of Lakeshire Town were once more trying their best to beat the heat. The swimming pool was now full of people and their pokemon as they did their best to keep cool while under the blazing sun, and the pokemon who couldn't make it to the pool decided to take a dip into the park's large pond. Though human trainers were not allowed inside, the people decided that a cold enough drink or a frosty ice cream would simply have to suffice while their pokemon cooled off in the pond. But for those who didn't mind the heat, there was still the opportunity of taking on each other in a good ol' fashioned pokemon battle.

"Alright, Razor, use Water Shuriken!" called out Saria as the battle now began.

Razor launched out a compressed star of water and launched it at the Camilla, the blaziken being rather close when the Greninja launched it from his webbed hands. But to the contrary of what one would think, Camilla stepped out of the way and managed to avoid the following shurikens as they were launched to her. It was not complete folly, however, as the last one managed to knick her side, though she kept herself from yelping in surprised pain.

Saria and Jason were battling each other in a follow up from the win that Razor scored last week. Though this Saturday was rather hot, the heat of battle didn't add to that. Instead, a coolness added to their attempts to beat the other in a match, with Jason and Camilla hoping to come out on top this time around. Like before, Saria ordered Razor to use the same move that was decisive in the previous battle.

"Alright, Razor, use Extrasensory."

"Ninja!" 'You got it, Saria!"

And with that, Razor made a ninja pose and concentrated with his mind, glaring right at Camilla and sending psy waves of energy at her to weaken her like before. But while Camilla was susceptible to this move due to her typing, she didn't show much pain when she was hit by the move. Her face did show signs of pain as she clenched her hands tight, but she stood defiant as she bore the psy attack head on.

"Whoa. Camilla is not being affected?" wondered Saria.

"That's because I've been training Camilla mentally to get her brain to resist psy attacks," answered Jason. "Turns out all that reading and mental training paid off, eh Camilla?"

"Blaze!" 'Just order an attack already, dumb dumb!' chided Camilla, who was pretty irate from having to deal with Razor's mental attack.

Jason stiffened his posture as he looked at Saria and Razor with a slight grin.

"Camilla may have gotten through that attack well, but that was still a good move, Saria. But I don't think youse is gonna like this," replied Jason as he at last came up with what he was to command. "Alright Camilla, get up close and sock it to him with Close Combat!"

"What?!" cried Saria.

"Blaze." 'Will do, Jason,' replied Camilla.

In no time, she came up close and released a barrage of punches at Razor, hitting him hard in the chest, abdomen and head. Camilla did not pull any punches as she went ahead to pummel the ninja frog to a pulp, with Razor feeling every hit hard due to their type effectiveness against him. When Camilla jumped back Razor was taking a kneel, slightly groaning and panting in pain as he tried his best to remain conscious.

"Razor!" called out Saria. "Hang in there, Froggy!" But it seemed that the ninja frog could not hold out in the end, for he then collapsed to the ground. "Razor!!"

Saria rushed over to his aid when she saw his spiraling eyes, the sign that he had fainted. She was rather sad that she had lost, but what made her even more upset was the state that Razor was in. She didn't like seeing Razor getting beat up as a result of these battles, and she felt that he took a hard hit from the punches from that Close Combat. What was even more upsetting was that the Pokemon Center was closed due to maintenance for a few hours, so he would have to be healed with store bought medicine. Saria took a Revive Remedy and put it in Razor's mouth. He swallowed the medicine pill and immediately began to open his eyes, though he was rather upset for having let Saria down.

"Gre gre." 'I'm sorry, my sweet trainer,' he said with sorrowful eyes.

"It's okay, Razor. You did your best. I'm just glad that you're feeling better," she replied. She then turned to look at Jason and Camilla. "You two did a good job. Camilla is getting a whole lot stronger now."

"Well, I'm just glad that my chick-a-dee here didn't beat up Froggo too bad," replied Jason as he and his pokemon went up to the two. "Camilla and I have been hitting the gym and doing everything except steroids to get stronger. Hell, she's been doing a whole lot to get better at battling, and all that Yoga and meditation we've been doing helped her resist them Psy attacks."

"Gre gre." 'I see that has paid off,' replied Razor as he was treated by Saria.

"Blaze." 'You okay, Razor buddy?' asked Camilla rather worried. 'I dunno if I overdid it with those punches. I hope you can get up.'

At hearing this, Razor tried to get up off the floor, though he fell right back down when he was almost halfway up. He was battered from the battle, but nonetheless he keep on a cheery face. Saria pulled out a Potion from her pack, along with some bandages, and began healing him.

'Eh heh, I guess I did go overboard,' said Camilla sheepishly.

'It's alright, Camilla. It was all fun and- GRE!'

Razor squealed at the pain of the potion being spayed onto his wounds. It was not very pleasant, but he then felt a sudden jolt of energy as he then lifted himself off the floor. Saria was happy to see him up and back to normal.

"Razor. You feeling better, Froggy?" asked Saria.

"Ninja!" 'Never better, Saria!' he pepped with a nod.

"Well, I'm glad that Froggo hasn't been beat up too bad," replied Jason. "By the way, I've been wanting to ask you two if you wanted to go see that new movie, 'Lucario and the Mystery of Mew' with me. Kiara and Justin have been dying to see that movie, and they're gonna tag along as well."

"Actually, Kiara told me that she was going to see the movie and if I wanted to go," replied Saria. "It sounds awesome. I've been wanting to see that movie since I saw the trailer that popped up during the Pokemon League commercials."

"Blaze?" 'You coming too, Razor honey?"

"Ninja." 'You bet. I don't want Saria to fall in love with some heart-throb Lucario.'

'Don't tell Lance that,' jeered Camilla, snickering into the joke. 'He'll challenge you to a battle if he heard that.'

"Well, I'm heading home to shower then. You'll pick us up from my pad, no?" asked Saria.

"Got enough room in the car for the both of yahs," replied Jason. "The movie starts at five o' clock, so I'll pick you two up at four fifteen to meet up with Kiara and Justin before then."

And with that, the two trainers and their Pokemon went their separate ways. Saria and Razor walked towards home from the Poke Park battle courts, and with that came the thoughts of what to do once home. But before they made it home, Saria turned around and hugged her Greninja, catching him by surprise as he didn't expect her to suddenly do this

"You battled so well, Froggy," said Saria. "I don't care that we lost. I'm just glad to see you okay after taking those heavy hits from Camilla." "Gre. Ninja." 'I'm glad you aren't sad we lost,' replied Razor. 'I'll do anything if it means seeing you happy and smiling.'

It was exactly twelve fifteen in the afternoon and both Saria and Razor's stomach began to growl. The two giggled a bit after hearing both of their stomachs growl.

"I guess we oughta eat lunch before we shower, eh?" she figured. "I know. I bet you'd enjoy if I made you your favorite meal for today, right?"

Razor's began to perk up, knowing full well what Saria meant. His favorite meal was Yanmega Stir-fry, as the Ninja frog was a large fan of bug pokemon, especially this one. He especially loved the bug stir-fry that Saria would make, as she'd often cook the meat with small cuts of veggies and mix everything together in teriyaki sauce and a bit of Canola oil. This was Razor's favorite meal, though his trainer wouldn't make it often, her reasoning being that he'd get tired of it if she made it too frequent. Razor could hardly wait to get home so she could cook up this special meal. The two made it home in no time at all, and after unlocking the door Saria and Razor went in to unwind a bit before cooking.

The two laid down on the sofa chairs in the living room, with Saria switching on the TV and begin channel surfing, all while Razor got his favorite book off the coffee table and picked up from where he left off the day before. She didn't see anything of interest until she saw someone who was quite familiar to her; someone who had recently been on a tirade throughout Lakeshire Town and had even snagged a Pokephile couple a few days ago.

Father Matthew Grint was on the TV with his Rhyperior pokemon partner, and he was not in a good mood. He went on to describe how the rise in the cases of Pokephiles in Daegar are worrying, and even downright disgraceful.

"There have been a rise in cases of Pokephilia all throughout the Daegar region, Father Grint, and a lot of them have even begun to be publicly vocal over their stance," said the reporter. "What do you have to say about all this?" to which she then handed him the microphone.

"It's a downright disgrace is what it is," replied Father Grint in a disgusted tone. "It is saddening to the eyes of The Alpha that the world has come to this, but I'll be damned if I allow this nonsense to carry on."

"I heard recently that you had an argument with Pastor Cristian Solis of the Church of Arceus over at Lakeshire Town," added the reporter. "Can you care to explain what the confrontation was all about?"

"Hmph!" replied the priest with a hint of displeasure. "Pastor Solis is lenient on the church's stance against Pokephiles. I don't doubt that he is a loyal servant to Lord Arceus, but he hasn't done much to become more active in the pursuit against Pokephiles. I can't say that he harbors sympathy to them, though, but it was that very question that was the topic of our recent... disagreement. I will still do my part, though, you can be sure of that."

Saria flipped to another channel after seeing enough, staying on a cartoon channel that was showcasing a new episode of Tom and Jerry. Tom the Alolan Persian was once more on the heels of the Dedenne named Jerry, but even with Tom being comically blown up by a stick of dynamite, this wasn't enough to sway the thoughts that she had in her mind. To her, Father Grint was playing a game of Cat and Mouse, Persian and Dedenne, with the priest being the chaser and whoever he suspects of Pokephilia the chased and soon to be caught.

"You heard the news, Razor?" she said.

Razor lifted his head up to look at Saria.

"Gre?" 'What is it?' he wondered.

"Father Grint is getting pretty angry at all the men who are banging their Gardevoirs,"" joked Saria. "Not too mention their Salazzles and Lopunnies." "Gre. Ninja." 'Pokephiles. Pokephiles everywhere,' replied Razor.

Razor didn't know what to think. It didn't bother him too much that trainers made romantic and sexual advances on their pokemon. He was even a bit upset at seeing the news on how Father Grint and other Anit-Pokephilia crusaders were running around and try their best to expose them. He figured that it was something that should be kept in the bedroom and not be shared so blatantly with the rest of the world. But he couldn't see himself a Pokephile. Yes, he loved Saria, but he wondered how far his love her would reach.

He remembered Pastor Cristian Solis over at the Church of Arceus tell over Valentine's Day over how love has no bounds, and that true love is only limited by the scale at which it could be measured.

Razor took a gander at Saria to see if this was true; she was watching TV and didn't pay attention to his spying. He liked her fit and toned body and hips--evident of her active lifestyle. Her face was eye candy, her ruby red hair flowed like a sea of velvet. Her breasts were also pretty impressive and supple, though Razor made a note not to focus on them too much. Overall, Saria was an incredibly beautiful woman who was a jackpot for any man. He then began to review her personality and character. She was pretty upbeat and whimsical, something that made her amicable to others. She was an active lass and didn't much like staying at home unless she had to, though she was prone to binge watching TV or Netflix. She wasn't vain in the slightest, and didn't much like to show off her beauty. She would often wear clothes that would cover her up and not be too revealing, though she could get very... needy at night time. Razor could feel his blood course warmly through his veins as he thought of all of this. It was rather enjoyable to think all of these thoughts, though he then came to his senses soon after. He couldn't believe how easy it was to have these thoughts, and his cheeks began to blush a bit as he stared at Saria's beauty and reminisce on her personality. He started staring at her breasts even more, thinking what it would be like to... Razor shook his head and looked away. These thoughts were getting pervasive and unorthodox to him, making him fell uncomfortable. He steeled his mind and returned to his book.

All the while, Saria was glued to the TV screen as she was watching a talk show. The topic of Pokephilia seemed to pop up every now and then, with figures like Father Grint and Anti-Pokephilia advocates calling for laws to be passed to hold those who committed criminally accountable. At this point, Saria was getting rather uncomfortable and so she changed the channel once more before turning the telly off completely to ponder her thoughts. She looked at Razor again as he read his book. He looked right back at her, and the two blushed before turning away from each other.

One thing that Saria felt especially confused over was how she felt an increase in her interest in Razor--and not just as a pokemon partner and battler. She had been growing an interest with Pokephilia, though she never actually thought that she would ever carry this urge out. After all, if word got out that she was going for a Pokemon, even in a slightly romantic way let alone sexually, that would damage her reputation in town and maybe bring harm to her, Razor, and those close to her. Yet the very love that she had for Razor was what kept her in line with this mentality. In truth, she dearly loved and cared for Razor. She would do almost anything to make him happy, and seeing him working so hard trying his best for her, she wondered how she could make it up to him.

Saria got up from the sofa and went over to the kitchen, grabbing the ingredients from the fridge and what was thawing in a container full of water to make Razor's stir-fry and put a wok over the now scorching flames of the stove. She drizzled a tad of canola oil and went on with the preparations of the two's food. Razor was still fixed on his book when he looked at the kitchen towards his trainer. Saria was hard at work, and the smell even got him. He put down his book and went to the kitchen to sit at the table. In a few minutes Saria was finished with both of their meals, and so she brought with her to the table. The two are their meals, with Razor's mouth coming alive with every spoonful. Saria had her own stir-fry meal, and she loved her food just as much as Razor did his.

After eating Saria go ready to take a shower. The water was warm and cleansing, feeling her aches and pain go away with every scrub of the sponge. She got out of the shower and dried herself off, and then she went to her room to get dressed. Razor was in the room as she got dressed. She lowered her towel to reveal her naked and supple body, all for Razor to see. Her body was white as cream amd her D-cup sized breast jiggled slightly at every movement. Razor was not surprised or shocked by this. For his whole life he had seen Saria naked, and it didn't bother him one bit. He didn't understand why male humans liked seeing women naked so much. They were beautiful, yes, but he was one who thought more with the head on his shoulders than the head of his cock. Still, though, he found himself staring at Saria for quite some time. She was indeed quite beautiful, and her bombshell looks were just eye candy to look at.

Saria turned to catch Razor staring, giving him a suggestive grin and look as she then approached him. Razor's heart began to beat we she approached, and she knew it.

"Like what you see, Razor honey?" she teased.

"Gre. Ninja." 'I guess I do,' he admitted. 'You're definitely hot, that's for sure.'

The curious thing was that His heart then began to beat a bit more as he looked at her, to which he found weird. She was in her natural form, and it was something he has seen dozens of times. Why was it now that he began to feel desire, of... Lust?

"Too bad you're not a human," she said as she put on her bra, still speaking in a sultry voice.. "I'd love to... teach you some things."

Razor wondered what she meant by that, but he got the hint after a while. His heart still beat hard after a while. And when Saria turned around for her ass to be seen, Razor began to feel rather hot under the collar. His mind began to think of things, such as what he'd do to Saria if they were to get intimate. He thought of so many naughty things and situations where-

Razor shook his head hard after all of this. The Pokephilia thoughts were coming even easier than ever. Once more, he wondered why these thoughts were so easy to have, and why he was not bothered by any of this. Meanwhile, Saria put on her bra and panties, and then her regular clothes: a black blouse, red skirt and white sneakers. She was a baby doll for sure in this outfit, and it was one that she liked to wear from her days when she was studying at Kalos.
Saria's phone rang. Sure enough it was Jason, who said that he was waiting for her outside her home. She was almost done dressing, the final touch being to spray a bit of fragrant perfume on her. Razor hated this type of perfume, as it was strong and overwhelming to his senses. With that settled the two were walking out the door to see Jason and Camilla in his shiny four door sports car: a red Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye. The car's engine purred with restraint, with Jason only having to slightly rev the engine for the full 797 horsepower to be put to the ground.

Both Saria and Razor didn't understand why Jason needed such an overpowered monster of a car. Yes it was quick and powerful, but it wasn't like Jason was a racer who took this car to the race track-- or rather, the drag strip to race this thing. But Jason was proud of his overpowered monster, and even Camilla liked being within this hulking beast of a car. Saria and Razor got into the back seats, and were greeted by the owners of this Mopar monster. Jason was in the driver seat, wearing his red blazer jacket and black slacks 'pseudo Team Flare' outfit while Camilla sat shotgun and wore a yellow bow on her head, looking rather cute.

"You took your bit of sweet time, yah know Saria," chided Jason. "The movie is in half an hour, and we still gotta meet Justin and Kiara, buy food and get our seats."

"Well, it's a good thing you got a monster car to drive Fast and Furious all the way to the movie. No sweat, eh Jason?" joked Saria.

"Ninja, ja." 'I don't understand you two,' commented Razor. 'Why in the name of Arceus do you need this monster of a car? Doesn't this kill a ton of gas to drive?"

"Blaze blaze!" 'You fuddy-duddy,' chided Camilla. 'Why can't we drive around in this badass muscle car, hmm? This thing is badass in every way.'

And with that, the car rolled along down the street. The engine was revved low as the car cruised along, yet it could get loud and noisy, as if Jason floored the accelerator. Even still, the engine's supercharger whined ever slightly, giving the feel that the two trainers and their pokemon were inside a beast that should not be toyed with. Jason drove to Lakeshire Town's Downtown district and already the streets were filling with lights and ambience. Jason parked the car in a car park, and the group went walking towards the movie theater across the street.

In front of the theater were two people and their pokemon. A tall, bulky and strong looking man, wearing black slacks, black blazer jacket, white shirt and a Crest of Arceus amulet stood with a female Gardevoir who also wore an Arceus amulet. Next to them was a short young lady wearing a punk rocker outfit, though her hair was black, straight and had front sideswiped hair bangs on her forehead. Next to her was a staunch and powerful looking Lucario, though he looked rather gentle and warm.

These two were Justin Solis and his Gardevoir Livia, and the lass was Kiara Strideworth and her Lucario Lance. Both of them were friends of Jason and Saria, and both were excited to see the movie.

"Sup, Jason," said Justin with a smile. "You look suave in those clothes, dude. Though you also kinda look like a Team Flare supervisor."

"I kinda like his outfit," said Kiara. "It's flashy and cool."

"You're kidding right, Kiara?" replied Saria. "Jason looks like an red Obstagoon with all those clothes."

"Hey! I resent that, yah know Saria," complained Jason.

"Gre. Ninja." 'He does look like a minion of Lysandre's," noted Razor.

"Blaze!" 'Well, he's my Flare, goofball, okay Razor,' defended Camilla.

'I say your trainer looks nice,' complimented Livia. "He looks like he's brandishing a well made outfit for having fun. What do you thin, Lance?'

'Meh,' said Lance. 'I just think he's being flashy.'

The friends got in line to order their tickets, entered the movie theater and got into yet another though much shorter line to order their food. Due to the sky high prices, nobody except Jason and Justin ordered a ton of food. The two Silph Co. co-workers explained that they hadn't eaten, and so they got their meals. Once ready they went over to where the projection room was and took their seats. The room was already filling with plenty of other patrons, and they too also had their pokemon out and about. The movie theater was sure making a ton of money, especially since pokemon tickets cost more for them to enter.

Once the gang took their seats did the movie at last begin, the room darkened and the projector shown on the screen in front. The movie began with a sort requiem like music, with the opening scenes taking place in a graveyard, where a Lucario dressed in a noble attire was surrounded by others. It turned out the start took place in the future during the funeral of the secondary protagonist and the Lucario's lover. The story then went back to the past before the event that occurred, when the Region setting was in a vast and bloody war.

Saria was taken aback by the depth and the acting talents of the characters and the plot. She was enthralled by the themes of love and loyalty. Razor, too, was taken by the beauty of this movie, as he often felt like the Lucario character who had a deep felt loyalty to his master, a Princess who also turned out to be the person who he had a crush on. Lucario showed that he had deep feelings of affection for his owner and hoped that she'd be his lover, and even going so far as to plead to Meet for it to bless him. But when his owner is married off to a prince to end the war, he decides to wish instead her happiness. But it is revealed that this prince was an evil and abhorrent man who abused the Princess, only caring about ruling both her nation and his his own together. The Princess, fed up, abandons the Prince and flees, to which he hunts her down and tried to kill her for the insolence. Lucario, who was keeping a close eye, jumps in to save the day, though he is fatally wounded and is only saved by the princess sacrificing her life and asking Mew to give her life to Lucario.

Razor looked at Saria for a bit, seeing how the movie reflected his own desires for Saria. He remembered how his heart beat hard for her when she was naked in front of him. He never figured that seeing her without clothes must have triggered something within him. And we the movie progressed, he felt more of his own life being projected onto him from the very movie he saw--minus the war, the betrothal to and evil spouse and the violence. It was towards the climax of the Movie that Razor began to choke up.

What was surprising was that he then began to hear a slight sob right next to him.

To his right, Saria was shedding tears and slightly crying over the turn of the movie's events. It was then he decided to comfort her. Razor slid his webbed hand over to Saria's and gripped it. To this, Saria stopped crying and looked toward him. His smile was sweet and tender, as though he wished her to not cry at all. She looked into his sky blue irises, and his eyes looked at her emerald eyes.

They smiled at each other, knowing that they had each other to comfort.

The movie, when it at last ended, shows the Lucario mourning his loss along with the Pokemon Mew, who became Lucario's friend. They would mourn their loss, though they knew that she was now in peace. Star crossed lovers had prevailed in saving the world, only to not be together in the end.

Razor hope that this was not the case with his growing infatuation- no, his love for Saria. And when the movie ended and everyone cheered, he hoped that one day he could show just how much she mean to him...

"And so," concluded Pastor Cristian Solis, "love can take on many forms, and the love that is shared and true will always prevail. Love is not something that comes often in this cruel and dark world, and must be cherished in order for the continuation of this wonderful gift. I know I make it sound like Valentine's day is every day," he said with the congregation laughing, "but love does not wait for a special day. And with this, Lakeshire Town, I hope you will appreciate this most wonderful gift and love the world and those close to you. Amen."

The crowd gave a cheer as the church sermon now ended, with Saria and Razor giving a round of applause to the pastor. The choir began the farewell hymn as the pastor left the stage to salute and talk to the masses, and the people got up from their seats and began leaving. Saria and Razor went up to talk to Justin and Livia, who were standing next to Pastor Solis as he began talking to people.

"Your dad gave a nice sermon," said Saria. "It was nice and tender."

"Greninja." 'The sermon was well composed," noted Razor.

"Thanks, Saria," said Justin. "I told dad to actually save this one for Valentine's day, but he told me that he had an even grander sermon on that day."

It was at this moment that Pastor Solis noticed her and Razor and greeted them.

"Ah, Saria, how are you?" welcomed the Pastor. "So you liked the sermon, eh? I hope this will inspire you, and every one of your friends, to take love for the absolute joy that it is."

"I will, Pastor," replied Saria.

"Ninja." 'And so will I,' added Razor.

"I know you will, Razor," said Pastor Solis, seeming to understand what the Greninja said.

And with that, Saria and Razor left the pastor and his son be. The two decided to go to the Poke park to unwind. The heat was tolerable today, but the two went to the concessions stand to buy some ice cream. The two sat on a bench in between the jungle gym and the battle courts, hoping to see the children play and people commence pokemon battles. All the while, the people tried to have fun and hoped that to would last.

Saria began to reminisce on the sermon that Pastor Solis gave. It was a nice sermon with a deep meaning, and she like it tied in with the movie that she and her friends saw yesterday. She turned around to look at Razor. Her heart then began to beat even harder than before as soon as he saw his face. He was such a cute froggy, and she almost felt like pinching his cheeks. But it was at this moment that she began feeling something else, something carnal and sensual. The more she looked at him, the more this feeling grew. It was only when Razor looked back at her that she turned away, her cheeks blushing as she began to feel silly.

Then it was Razor's turn to look at her. She was beautiful beyond belief, and he felt so blessed to be with her. He too began to feel the same carnal desire that she did, but he managed to look away, feeling foolish. There was no way she could ever be with him romantically, especially with the stigma and taboo floating in the air.

Plus, who knew if there would be people who would shun them for doing it.

It was at this moment that they heard a ranting voice, almost as if someone was angrily bellowing and berating someone else. Curious, and with their comes at last eaten, the two for off their seats and went to track down the source. Low and behold, they found the priest Father Mathew Grint angrily chastising a couple who were showing public displays of affection. The couple were simply having a picnic when they decided to kiss while laying down. Though it looked like a harmless display of affection, the priest saw it as otherwise.

"You youngsters have no respect for the institution of marriage!" bellowed the priest. "Is this what you two have come to, showing public displays like this?!"

Saria was rather disgruntled by this. She felt that he was being overly harsh, especially since the two weren't doing anything wrong in her eyes. Was it wrong to show public displays of affection?

"What next? Shall you fornicate before marriage as well?" the priest ranted.

It was only after he felt that he made his point across that he turned around, bumping into Saria and Razor. He didn't even apologise for the bump as he left in a huff, saying "Hmph!" as though he was irked by the bump.

"What's his deal?" chided Saria. "Why does he act like he's got beef with the whole world?"

"Ninja." 'Beats me,' replied Razor.

Feeling that they had seen enough the two walked away from the toxic priest and his rantings. Saria wanted to swing in one of the children swing sets near the jungle gym, and so she asked Razor to push her.

"Push me, Froggy," coaxed Saria.

"Ninja?" 'Aren't you too old to ride on a children's swing?' he said, though he wished that she could understand him and hear what he had to say.

"Come on, Razor. Please?"

Razor could only oblige. He pushed the young woman as she giggled in delight. Razor, after a while, began to feel glad to push her up and down the swings. The looks of delight on her face made the seemingly embarrassing act worthwhile. So long as she was happy, he was happy. He remembered the words from the Pastor's sermon, and the advice those words gave rang true in his heart. He realized then and there that he was falling in love with Saria, and he hoped deeper down that she loved him in return. She was so happy as she swung on the swings. But soon she grew tired of the swing set, and the sun was setting, with it now touching the horizon.

"Come on, Razor. Let's go home."

"Ninja!" 'Okay!' And so Saria hopped off the swing and the two went on their out of the park. But the two noticed a crowd that was towards the end of the park, along with the sounds of booing and name calling. When they came close they saw that the crowd were surrounding a male trainer and his pokemon partner, which turned out to be a female Zoroark the was sitting next him on a park bench. And right in front of the crowd was the ever crass and domineering Father Grint. It became clear why a human and his pokemon would be berated by the priest and the crowd and that surrounded him:

Father Grint had just caught a pair of Pokephiles, and for whatever the two did out in public, they would now be shunned by the whole of Lakeshire Town.
"You heathens! You disgusting pieces of filth!" Father Grint was just getting started with the condemnation. "You dare do something do hideous in the eyes of Arceus and the people of Lake Shire?!"

Saria felt really bad for the couple, as the Zoroark looked like it wanted to cry we the trainer stood his ground.

"You wouldn't know what love is even if it bit you on the ass, Father Grint!" challenged the Trainer. "Don't you know that Arceus is love and that he wants us to love one another, even our pokemon?"

"How dare you address me like that!?" roared the priest. "I am a servant of The Alpha, and though he indeed is love, he does not condone this! You'll burn with Giratina in the fires of inferno for this disgrace, and no one will offer you mercy as you deserve to not be a part of normal society for this disgraceful act!"

And the crowd began booing even louder, the trainer clutching his Zoroark in his arms in order to keep her from crying further. He was indeed brave, but he knew that things were getting dangerous. He and his pokemon left the scene, his head bent down in shame knowing full well that his life will never again be the same.

Saria and Razor were deeply affected by this. They had never seen a moment like this in their lives. It was unfair what rather Grint did; he ruined the lives and tarnished the reputations of a trainer and his pokemon. Saria didn't know that anti-pokephilia sentiment was so strong in Lakeshire Town. Some of the people who boo'ed she knew to be rather accepting and caring people from all over town, but it seemed that Pokephilia was where they drew the line. It was clear that Pokephilia was not a welcome activity in Lakeshire Town.

To Razor, it became clear how dangerous his love for Saria would become. He knew he had to keep this far away from the public eye if he was to confess his love for his trainer. The mob of people condemning the Pokephilic couple did little to sway his resolve and what the wanted to do. His heart began to beat, knowing full well what the next step for his journey in love will take him.

He decided to make his love for Saria known. He would no longer remain silent.

But one thing that he knew would become a great hurdle would be the language barrier. And even if that was surpassed, he wondered if his trainer would even accept him. He began feeling despondent as he arrived back home. As Saria began unlocking the door to go inside, Razor turned to look at the sky. Already a star was clearly seen shimmering in the twilight sky. In this equinox between light and darkness, this lone star, the brightest in the entire sky, seemed to be listening to the pleas of the Greninja. In the hopes that his desires would come true, Razor prayed to this star, hoping Father Arceus would somehow hear him and grant him his wish.

'Dear Father Alpha," began Razor. "Please let my love for my trainer be known. I want her to know how much I care for her, how I would like to caress her and ask her to be mine. I wish that the love that Pokemon would have for their trainers would no longer be shunned, and that our love will change the world.' He then put his right webbed hand on his chest, feeling his heart beat true. 'Please, Father Arceus, allow me to make my trainer the happiest woman on Earth.'

"Come on in, Razor," called Saria.

Razor walked away and entered his home, the star he just sent his hopes and dreams to glimmering with hope for the future. He didn't know if the star would grant him his wish, nor if Saria would come to accept his advances. But there was a glimmer of this very hope when bedtime at last came.

Saria was wearing nothing but a black bra and a black pair of shorts. She was lying on top of some bedsheets, still not yet feeling sleepy. And Razor was now with her, which she found rather odd since Razor was known to sleep early. She'd go to sleep early too, but his particular night she felt sleepless. She didn't figure herself to be one to get insomnia, but she felt like she both couldn't and didn't want to fall asleep.

"You know, what Father Grint did to those two in the Poke park was messed up," she said to him. "I mean, it's not like this two were hurting anyone." "Ninja." 'I agree.'

"Besides... I guess what those two do isn't as bad we others say it is... well, at least in my opinion it isn't."

It was at this moment that Razor grabbed her hand. Saria was a bit startled by this. Razor had never done something like this before. But she somehow knew in what direction he wanted to go. She turned her head to look his face and it was as cheery as usual. But his eyes had the indistinguishable look of someone who wanted to say something. He wanted to tell her how much she meant to him so bad. But despite the language barrier, she managed to get the message either way.

"You know, Froggy, I've been wondering a few things. I really do like you and all... And I know you like me..." Her face began to blush as she felt the words at the tip of her tongue. "I know with all the things that have been happening lately that things are getting really serious. If we're caught, who knows what it would mean for us."

"Gre. Ninja." 'But I'd risk everything if it meant loving you further, my sweet trainer,' said Razor as he opened his heart.

He put his hand on her cheek, caressing it and assuring her that things will turn out all right. He didn't care if he was caught. He didn't care if he would be shunned by the world, or even by his other friends. The only person that mattered to him was the one who was laying down next to him right this minute.

"Oh, Froggy," said Saria ae she got closer to him.

She wrapped her arms around him and pushed herself towards him. While doing this, Razor wrapped one arm around her waist and another behind her head. The two looked at each other's eyes. They were as one in that very moment. The world seemed to fade into obscurity at this moment. The memory of Father Grint condemning people and marking Pokephiles as outcasts was a distant memory. All that mattered was that they had each other, and both had this in mind the closer they got.

And with one final push the two's lips locked. Saria's lips locked with his upper lip and his tongue scarf. Being that his tongue was part of what she was kissing, it was already becoming sticky with saliva as it got into her mouth as she tongued it with her own. The two were locked together as Razor pulled her head closer to his own, making the seal even tighter. They didn't care how their saliva dribbled down their faces or how engross they were getting with each other. In this very moment, the only thing that mattered to the newly formed Pokephiles was the love that they shared for one another.

Saria at last pulled back from the lip locking and the two locked at each other's eyes once more. Maybe this is what it means to be a Pokephile. It was a basic love that they had for one another, a wholesome feeling that many people, especially the Father, failed to notice. It was something as true as a relationship between humans, but this case being between creatures who could be just as connected.

"I love you, Froggy," said Saria.

Razor had never felt so happy in his life. He at long last had the true love of his trainer. And he hoped that they'd continue this romantic affair, and so further propel the love they shared into things they never dreamed of.

He wanted to say something back to her. Something fantastic and lovely, though he knew she'd never understand him due to the language barrier. He figured saying these words, the words he wanted to say for so long, would suffice:

"I love you, Saria," he said in fine, perfect human English...
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