S1 Ep 27 The tragedy of Cypress Woods

The next day one class had ended. Artemis was going to walk home with Amber and her other siblings home for school or rather Angela and Alex as her other siblings had after school activities that day.

So Artemis had joined their walk home and once they rounded the corner Artemis was jumped by Bradley's goons as her siblings were frozen in fear as it was 11 against one.

The other wolves at the same time were sitting at the temple as Akira saw the events happening in real time as he did not see that coming.

The wolves quickly fused to come to Artemis's aid as he was knocked out cold in the fight but the jerks kept beating him up.

The other wolves arrived and unfused and Victor's huge frame scared the cowards off but they were victorious.

"A-Artemis!" Amber had rushed over to him and fell to her knees and held his bruised head in her hands and she started sobbing.

"H-hey we need to call the ambulance!" Alex stuttered as Angela silently called the emergency services.

The wolves had discouraged looks on their faces with a sense that they failed to protect their best friend after this horrible attack.

The ambulance can be seen pulling up, loading Artemis into it, as Amber gives Angela her backpack and tells her and Alex to go home while she rides with Artemis to the small hospital.
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