S1 Ep 28 The Aftermath

Two days after the attack Artemis wakes up in the hospital surrounded by his best friends and amber's siblings.

"ugh... my head i feel like i got beaten with something hard"

He looks around to his friends that have hurt looks in their faces with the lane siblings also having hurt looks as well.

"what happened?... I never saw akira in my dreams or explain anything..".

So Victor explained what had happened as Artemis became irritated by what Amber's ex Bradley had done but then he started scheming something.

Off screen Artemis is released from the hospital as Amber is crying a bit but Artemis hugs her tight as she sobs hard into his chest about what had happened two days before.

"Hey Amber?" she looks at him "We are going to get this douchebag back. I'm scheming a plan do you want in on it?". She nodded yes with a determined look on her face but started crying again as he hugged her tight again.

"Just let it all out, we are here for you... especially me!" Artemis said determined.
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