S1 Ep 29 Payback

A day after Artemis is released from the hospital, Bradley encounters Artemis and Amber again and confronts the both of them.

Bradley screams and shouts at them but turns out he is in a very realistic nightmare thanks to marbel (aka Kage and Akira) while in the real world Bradley fell asleep during athletics after school in the locker room of one of the gyms at cypress academy.

Once Bradley wakes up he finishes athletics and when walking home he runs into Artemis giving him a death glare from a park bench and confronts him.

Bradley and Artemis got into a pretty violent fight but Artemis ended up on top as he was on the ground on his tailbone.

"If i ever see you following Amber again i will personally go out of my way to kick your ass again you are a coward for ordering that gang attack!" Artemis basically barked at him as Bradley halled ass and took off running down the sidewalk as the lane siblings and the other wolves had peaked out from two big bushes as Alex was recording the whole thing on his phone.

Amber ran upto Artemis and hugged him tight crying again as he hugged her back crying a bit wagging his tail.

Soon Alex posted the video and Bradley's reputation went from hero to zero and was outcast by the other kids at the school.
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