S1 Ep 32 Mastering the wolf elements

After a lot of hard work Artemis mastered the 8 main wolf elements. Ice,Water,Electricity,Flames,Strength,Steel,Light and Darkness which the other wolves main powers are.

Thanks to Artemis being a moonstone he has the wildcard power, having the power to switch in between them but only using one power at a time.

He also had developed his own powers, namely he created grass powers, that he can heal others and control plants with his dark green aura. This power is technically his 2nd main power as the wildcard power counts as 1 split power he had the potential of using before.

"So guys do you want to see an enhanced power I worked on?"

"Is it to stop being shy and confess your feelings to amber you simp?" Zephyr said that smugly as the other wolves had peeved looks on their faces.

Artemis properly did a magic howl attack that knocked Zephyr into a wall as it was a somewhat strong magic attack used to disarm someone or stun/push them.

"As you can see" he was looking at his claws unsheathed calmily "I have perfected my magic howl attack and I will teach it to you guys if you want me to.

Artemis also summoned his weapon properly; it was a magic shield that can block attacks and slice through things like a saw. He also summons it by a glowing magic spot on his navel area as Gaian wolves summon their weapons from certain spots on their bodies that glow.
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