S1 Ep 33 Artemis’s Inner werewolf

So after a week of talking to Amber and growing close to her Artemis's anxiety kicked into full force out of nowhere to cause a really bad nightmare to happen while he was asleep.

He had a terrifying nightmare that he lost amber and after that happened he had a panic attack and woke up but another nightmare happened.

Artemis turned into a Gaian werewolf,he became 100 pounds heavier as his legs turned to be more canine as his claws became unsheathed as his clothes also ripped as well. He also became a full foot taller he looked in the mirror and howled ominously as he lost the ability to speak. He then clumsy ran out of his room and took off running out of the temple into the night as his loud howl can be heard as well.

"It appears that our favorite simp turned into a Werewolf overnight.." Zephyr said sarcastically as he was sitting on a couch.

The wolves were investigating their ransacked home as Amber and her siblings also showed up as well to investigate after school.

"Hey Akira you don't sense his presence do you?" said amber. "My powers don't work like that but i don't see him with my powers either...".

Kage appeared from the shadows looking annoyed "I did not find him from the shadows and storm was flying around the town looking for him.

There was a huge gong sound as Victor looked outside by the bell tower in town.

"Did storm fly into-"
"That bell tower in town..." Colton was seen standing next to victor for a moment before walking back into the house as Victor blinked in confusion.

"I'M OKAY!" storm shouted and continued to fly around the town looking for Artemis.

"We looked everywhere for him..." Bohdi groaned "where on homeworld can Artemis be ?!"

"Dude we are on earth that phrase does not work" Zephyr quipped as Bohdi growled a bit as Victor's ear twitched.

"What is it boy?" Alex asked

"I hear an empty belly somewhere... follow the wolf with the sensitive hearing!" Victor proudly said as he ran outside and took off running in that direction with a lot of speed behind him.

The others looked at Akira as he created a psychic cloud under them and had the cloud pursue Victor from above as artemis can be seen sobbing with a grumbling gut under a huge tree in the forest.

"Artemis!" the others shouted as he looked in that direction and whined a bit and tried to run away but Victor basicly jumped onto him to make him stop.

Artemis tried to get away but Victor held him remotely still because of his strength but Akira put Artemis in a magic bubble to prevent him from escaping.

Akira floated down the others from the cloud as they were trying to figure out what to do to revert Artemis back while Amber was silently looking at Artemis as he was looking at her.

Artemis popped the bubble and Amber kissed him on the cheek as he reverted back to normal, his hair still a mess with his clothes still stretched.

"I hate being a gaian wolf sometimes… that's the first time i went werewolf mode in a while t-thank you amber" Artemis stamered.

Amber had been wearing a necklace as she took it off and handed it to him "This necklace is very special to me… this belonged to a great great grandmother of mine and i figured that i would like my boyfriend to have it" Amber told artemis. "

"B-boyfriend?" Artemis bushed hard and wagged his tail a bit but silently put the necklace on as it was a perfect fit even though it was a diamond shaped silver necklace.

After that the two embraced and hugged each other but Artemis had to take a knee because his stomach was growling something fierce and was giving him really bad cramps from not eating for a whole day.

"Alright big guy let's get you back home and fill your empty belly!" Victor picked up Artemis and put him on his back as Artemis looked exhausted but waved to amber as she waved back.

One meal later and a change of clothes Artemis and Amber are seen chatting and having a good time as she plopped herself in his lap and cuddled up to him as he wrapped his arms around her holding her close.

"Your heartbeat is so loud but so slow and calming…" Amber closed her eyes but had a confused look on her face "and now it's beating so fast…". She looked up at Him as he was blushing hard but wagging his tail and tried to keep a straight face she then kissed him as he giggled awkwardly.

"So you were the one who pushed them together Akira" Kage said to his boyfriend a bit smugly "y-yeah it's just when i saw that future from him saving her i sort of manipulated their dreams to push them together b-but the two of them deserve it!". Akira was blushing cutely as Kage walked up hugged him and kissed him "yeah totally" Kage and Akira looked at the entrance to the temple as Artemis and Amber were talking and having a lot of fun with their conversation.
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