S1 Ep 37 Karma pt2

Athena in her blind rage starts draining the magic from Gaia as the ship lands from the royal docking bay in Opal city. As the ship opened, Athena grabbed Artemis by his shirt and dragged him off the ship and raised him up to see the damage she was doing to the planet.

Artemis blinked hard as he saw the planet was slowly dying as the magic was being drained from it and into her. The once clear blue skies turned to a shade of dark green.

Then reports across the planet showed the planet still dying from her draining the magic the ice was melting the natural flowing lava turned to obsidian the Light and Dark kingdom's natural magic forests turned into dying decaying ones.

"Athena you have to stop this just because you aren't happy you don't have to force your despair onto others!" Artemis shouted to her.

"So what?"


"You heard me So what? why should i care about you, you are a male no one cares about your feelings it's only the females whose lives matter than yours."

Artemis blinks "So what is it Arthur? marry me and save the world and put that hussy in her place ? or ignore me and the whole planet dies." Athena said smugly.
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