S1 Ep 39 Homeworld's Destruction pt1

Mercedes teleported the wolves to the castle where the destruction was seen as the castle was falling apart due to the serge of magic under it.

"Rebels of Gaia Summon your gigantic beast forms to take down that demon!".

The Wolves with Solaris fighting on their side Formed their beast forms to fight her but it wasn't very effective but it worked.

Amber and the other monarchs stood there frozen in fear as the wolves tried their best to fight her.

The other siblings of the wolves showed up and were also in fear but joined in the fighting as this was their home and were going to do everything to stop the chaos.

The wolves then launched a gaian element beam to hit her but it did not do a whole lot as it knocked her further back into the castle.

"That was barely a scratch..." Mercedes stood up, brushed herself off and launched a counterattack that put the wolves in magic elemental bubbles with their siblings.

"Damn it all!" Solaris shouted.
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