S1 Ep 40 Homeworld's Destruction pt2

Amber snaps out of her fear, shooken state "w-what are you all waiting for?" your children and Artemis are in danger! do something the place is falling apart!" Amber screams at the monarchs of gaia.

Mercedes can be seen sapping the magic out of the royal siblings before King moonstone fires a blast of magic at Mercedes knocking her back with his pointer finger alone.

"My fellow kings Miss Lane is right, let's join in the fighting". King moonstone family stated.

The Queens then looked at each other and the family got somewhere safe and out of the way but all gave their husbands a buff on their magic powers.

The Kings of Gaia freed their children and teleported them all back and started using their powers to hit mercedes.

The kings also got knocked back as the rebels of Gaia helped their fathers up but they all got healed somehow.

Amber had found a beast bracelet (which was Artemis's but he did not know it was broken) and used magic to fix it as she casted a magic spell to knock back the goddess of destruction.

Soon the wolves overlook to see the moonstone castle to be in ruins as Mercedes gave herself a huge buff and the end of Gaia was upon them as they could feel it.
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