S1 Ep 41 The Grand Finale

Amber had given Artemis a newer bracelet from the magic she got from Artemis's broken one as it was a perfect fit.

The Necklace Artemis got from Amber also helped give the wolves their stamina back from fighting.

Solaris was also windied but Amber teleported him next to her, as the 9 wolves formed their beast forms in giant form again as their fathers also helped give their beast forms a huge boost as well therefore the wolves got a huge beast boost.

The Wolves then used their magic to do their signature moves and their reasons to rebel against Gaia. Gaia being used as a substitute for Despair and Destruction in this case.

Mercedes kept getting knocked back but she was getting winded.

"Wolves, let's fuse, we can overpower her with this buff!" Shouted Artemis as he put his hand out.

"For the sake of saving homeworld I am fully with you Artemis" Colton said as he put his hand into a forming circle.

"I'm with you guys as well I know we can do ths" Bohdi said, putting his hand in.

"We are against a giant monster, why not join in the fighting?" Storm said as he put his hand in.

"Why not I got nothing better else to do?" Said Zephyr putting his hand in as well.

"For the sake of saving everyone we care about" Victor said putting his hand in.

"We could very well die from this I'm in!" Magma said putting his hand in as well.

Kage and Akira holding hands put their hands into the circle "If we can do it together there is no way we will lose" the two boyfriends said in unison.

The 9 wolves were then surrounded by their aura colors as they floated up into the air as a white orb is seen in the middle of them. Their aura colors flowed into it as each one of them flew into the orb.

Across Gaia the spectacle of magic can be seen as people were glued to their TV and phone screens at the battle of the Moonstone castle.

Soon the orb grew to a Gigantic size as Mercedes was trying to catch her breath as a fusion that appeared as a pitch black wolf with veins of rainbow colored magic flowed threw it as his hair started flowing. He has 9 pairs of arms and let out a roar like howl as it fully appeared.

"Athena Sliver! you are going to fall by Gaia's hand!" The Giant roared as he sprinted to her she tried to attack back but it got deflected by the summoning Artemis's shield.

"What 's not possible? I have all the magic on homeworld!" Mercedes screamed at Gaia.

"That may be the case but" Gaia had summoned all the wolves' weapons as they floated up and formed into an orb.

"We have the forces of Gaia on our side!" The orb then floated into Gaia as he unleashed a powerful elemental howl with Artemis's grassy powers also in it that destroyed Mercedes magic form.


There was a huge magic explosion as Athena was knocked out at the ruins of the moonstone castle.

Gaia then was seen unfusing as the swell of magic forced them apart as the nine wolves were glowing their aura colors as the fabled gods of their homeworld appeared before them all 8 representing their kingdoms minus Artemis.

The 8 gaian crystals also appeared next to their respective wolf along with their beast form but in a persona like size.

Soon a new light was forming as a dark green colored wolf with a dark green gaian crystal formed as well.

Turns out a new crystal of Gaia was born from the swell of boosted magic along with a new god as well.

The Nine wolves landed on the ground as Amber ran up and hugged and Kissed Artemis.

"What are you guys going to fix with all this damage?" she asked.

"Well a synchronized return to the past spell along with creating a new temple as well" He said casually.

"Hehe I see now go fix it my prince" Artemis blushed hard as the rest of the wolves napped their fingers as a white light enveloped everything and fixed everything as well creating a new temple of gaia.

What happened after this?Artemis got the girl, Gaia was saved and Athena and her family were hauled off to jail for developing the technology that could destroy Gaia in the process.

Solaris also joined the rebels of gaia as he did help in the fighting against Athena.

The Unity Kingdom became the Harmony kingdom.

Also this wasn't the worst of mondays at all

(Rebels of Gaia Season 1 Completed)
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