S1 Ep???- Storm's Backstory

Storm River Hurricane was born on November 16th 2001 making him 18 years old.

Growing up in the "feared Hurricane family" he was both the class clown but also very smart but was humble about it. He can figure out if someone needs cheering up or not usually by body language and speech pattern. He has a few siblings, Imelda(21),Wade (20) and Katrina (16) his father was just like himself smart but not "smart" in an ideal way.

Storm's family is feared, because they can control the water around him.

Edit- It is my fault for missing storm's episode for some odd reason i had the idea planned but i simply missed it.

This episode would have come after Colton's backstory but for some odd reason it never got created and was caught fairly late.

(I am so sorry this episode got missed but it would be normal for me to completely miss an episode)
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