S1 Ep35 Contact

The Royal Families of Gaia, the main 9 without their kids, had boarded a ship from opal city to earth as they properly located where the searching robots went missing weeks before.

So after landing in cypress woods the 9 monarchs looked around and stuck out like a sore thumb for how they dressed.

So Amber and Artemis are seen kissing on a park bench.

"Artemis is that you?"

There was a record scratch as King and Queen moonstone are seen standing there with Amber seeing the resemblance between his dad and Artemis.

"Are you, His parents?" Amber asked, "Yes we are, we were looking for our son for a while now" Said king moonstone.

It then became abundantly clear that Artemis did not actually love Athena but loved this cat girl.

So after a short but tense convo between Artemis and his parents they agreed to show them their base on earth.

The wolves then properly see their parents again and after some yelling they forgave their children for causing them to run away this far from home. Artemis and Akira did see this day coming but not so soon, but Akira pointed out that they all came together for a common goal.

It's also revealed that the monarchs of each kingdom don't have the greatest communication between each other and have a strained relationship between each other.

"That's very disappointing!" Amber shouted "You all are the kings and queens of these kingdoms you need to set an example for your people you care about". King Shield did look annoyed but Queen Shield pinched his neck hard to make him call down.

"We have come to take you home, but it is your choice if you want to come home or not or bring your partner Artemis.." Queen Moonstone said to her son, Artemis walked over to his parents and hugged them both and lifted them up a little bit because he was stronger.

"W-woah by Gaia's strength you have your powers now!" Said king moonstone proud of his son. "y-yeah thanks dad" Artemis said, getting a bit flustered.

The ship that the monarchs landed in had appeared behind the temple as it was a huge cruise like ship with the back door of it opening up with a ramp for those to walk inside of it.
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