S2 Ep12 Life on Earth

So The newer Gaian wolves had started adjusting to life on earth far away from their homeworld.

Solaris being a very popular singer and model at home relaxed on being able to walk around without getting mobbed or recognised on earth.

Dakota had some fun as he was able to experience things outside of the place he grew up in, and Justin had fun just being out of the hell hole that was his last home.

Also turns out that Dakota was really good at casting fireballs as he was able to do a special fireball kick attack with his feet. When he did that on accident when the wolves played soccer with some of the kids from the school in town.

The wolves then had an outdoor picnic at sunset, just talking and laughing but Justin was blushing the whole time as he was crushing even harder on Dakota after getting to know him better over the past few days.
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