S2 Ep14 Justin's Backstory

Justin Tommy Opal He was born on March 7th 2002, making him 18 and the youngest out of all the wolves.

He grew up somewhat modestly before his family company became big after the fall of the silver tech company in Gaia. He along with his parents are normal while his older sisters are the crazy type. He has 6 older sisters Heather(29),Anna (27),Ruby (25), Vivian (22) and Ari (20) they were nice people but the money changed them for the worse.

He is shy and reserved, being rather timid at times, however he is rather level headed and quiet, but is secretly loyal to his friends and family. He also has that shy person bluntness like Akira does.

He is not a prince of anything, but could be an heir to whoever is chosen to lead the Opal Corporation once his father steps down.
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