S2 Ep16 Saving the show

So the student council president of Cypress Academy was panicking at the act for the pep rally he had organized but the main act had canceled last second.

So Marbel saw the future where the council president was shamed badly because of this. Had unfused as Kage took the microphone and started to sing to the crowd.

Akira was the only other person who knew Kage could sing, but now it became more public knowledge.

"Alright Mr Student Council president your student body population is happy now... and my throat is sort of sore"

"Seems you did not sing in a while Kage" Solaris pointed out as Akira kissed Kage and fused into marble again.

*somewhat sore* "Yeah, looks like i am going to give it a rest for now..."

Also apparently if someone's voice is sore, and if they fuse the user's voice will also be sore.
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