S2 Ep18 Meeting the family

Amber and Artemis had dinner with their inlaws as it was very obvious at the beginning that the two love birds are very strong and are very stable in being in a relationship that could potentially develop into something more. They were in one of the fanciest restaurants on Gaia and in opal city.

There was a destroyer robot sent to eliminate Solaris and Artemis but was destroyed by one of Akira's psychic fans.

Kage and Akira are seen sitting on Kage's bed in their underwear just talking as a portal opens and Akira grabs his fan.

"Wait a minute... so you were the person who pushed Artemis and Amber together? and even push us together too?'' Kage asked shocked.

"y-yeah it was a future for them i foresaw happen and that if ignored it would not feel right to me.. and Artemis had a crappy life growing up for the past 19 years..."

Kage then hugs Akira from behind as he blushes hard "That's my little psychic wolfie...". Akira then blushed more "noo... stop..." Akira was even more flustered as Kage nuzzled his neck.

"But it's really sweet of you to do that for Artemis... do you think i can call you Dr Love in the future?" Kage said, teasing a bit as Akira had a pouty look on his face.


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