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S2 Ep21 Saving Gaia pt2

Justin had woken up on the ground and saw the other wolves trapped inside a bird cage.

"Welcome brother i see you have enjoyed your little nap"

The Opal sisters can be seen on a balcony, and once Justin got his vision back he realized that this was a room at the top of the building of opal HQ, but the room contains a huge supercomputer controlling the robots.

"I still don't understand why we are doing this, this is now what mom and dad meant by taking care of the company and making sure that everything is okay!".

"This is what they meant, Justin" shouted his oldest sister.

"Now you can choose to go with us or stay here and parish with the others " a voice was heard from inside Justin's head.

"If that's the case... then does that mean that Mom and dad prepared for this?!" Justin pulled out his magic blaster and shot the cage where his friends were and shot another blast where his sisters were.

The cage where the wolves were trapped fell to the ground and broke open but Artemis put up a protective shield but it was kinda weak.

"Are you guys alright?" Justin ran up to them "We are fine it's just we wish that you could have warned us about doing that." Zephyr said, a bit annoyed.

"Now then thank you Justin wolves time for payback, if you guys have your powers back from being knocked out we can move on my word...1...2"

The Wolves with Marble refusing started to show their powers in some form with justin pulling out one of his blasters.

"3!" The wolves then get lifted up by a psychic burst of air to the sisters but a door opening causes them to freeze in mid air.

"What on Gaia's name is going on here!?" a sharp male voice can be heard.

Turns out that Mr. and Ms. opal had returned from their vacation and caught wind of their daughter's actions.

After they got an earful they apologized on their behalf and called it a day.

"...Does that mean we won?" Storm asked, a bit confused.

So as it turns out, the opal sisters were the ones trying to pull off their plan alone and that with the events of the first season setting an example of what not to do with magic or power meant that the rebels of Gaia didn't need to rebel anymore.
The Opal sisters were disowned and that they had to work their ways back up to the top.
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