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S2 Ep23 The True happy ending

A much older version of Artemis can be seen in his room reading through a red journal as there was a blue one also sitting next to him.

"Hey Uncle Artemis?"

Brandon Jr who looked to be 13 years old, had run into the room.

"What are you reading?"

"Oh these are the stories I wrote when i was only 19 years old back in 2020, and you were only 3 when these events were happening.."

"Can i read them?"

"Sure, but I have noticed your love for writing. Do you want a journal like these?"


Artemis had walked over to his older desk and pulled out an Indigo colored book with some dust on it.

"My father, your grandfather gave me this book to write in but i never got the chance to write in it."

Artemis handed it to his nephew as he had an excited look in his eyes.

"It may be 2030 but having a normal pen and paper is still relevant"

"Thanks Uncle !"

Artemis saw his nephew take off as he saw more of his journals Orange,Green, Purple and Yellow were remaining on a shelf.

"Now where was i- oh yeah the orange one during June of 2020.."
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