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S3 Ep10-The Night Out

Artemis and Amber had stopped at a dinner as Artemis's gut was getting rather vocal as he skipped dinner by accident.

The two had ordered pancakes because why not, and were talking about what had happened a few days and what had happened tonight.

"Tonight was amazing...but not as amazing as you artemis..."

Artemis had gulped hard and blushed pretty hard too "t-thanks"

Amber's smile had gone to a frown as she was fully aware of what was going through his head.

"I know that you are still mad at me.. and i won't be surprised if you broke up with me over what i did."

"I was mad at you but i want to forgive you and I'm sorry that i did not help when you were down"

"I'm sorry that i pushed you away and i really mean it..."

The two paid for their meal and walked out as they were holding hands.

"Ugh my feet are killing me..."
"Haha same i prefer to be barefoot sometimes"

Amber took off her shoes as Artemis took off his socks and shoes and put hers and his inside a green magic bubble that would follow him around.

Artemis had walked Amber home and gave her shoes back along with her phone as she had left that behind at the gym on accident. Artemis had walked back home to the rest of the wolves in the living room area at the temple watching a movie.

"So are you single now?" Asked Akira.

"Nope we made up she had the biggest smile on her face during the dance which was adorable" Artemis caught himself bushing and cleared his throat.

"But nope we are still together... what are you all watching?"


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