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S3 Ep23- Magma,Zephyr and Bodhi's adventure

So monthly the temples are expected to see if anything is wrong, and if the resident gaian crystal in each one is okay and not fractured.

Bohdi had asked to do the inspection and Magma wanted to tag along and Zephyr was dragged along by Magma when they were visiting the ice kingdom.

For many years Zephyr and Bohdi never really got along too well, but usually Zeph was the one who started it and Bodhi was the one to end each fight they had. The only common thing they had with each other was they were close with magma in which it often felt like he was the toy being pulled apart between two spoiled brats.

Bohdi unlocked the door to the temple of ice and Zeph and Magma were right behind him but the earth shook under them and the door got shut really hard behind them.

"What the?" Magma feels the door "It's locked… Oh Geez"

Bohdi tried to unlock the door but nothing happened and he sighed.

"Come on Prince of Ice, open the damn door!"

"I Am trying damn it!"

"Then try harder slowpoke!"

Bohdi was freezing the ground from under his feet making Zeph and Magma's shoes frozen to the ground.

"Enough you two the three of us are stuck and if Artemis was here he would say we have to work together to get out" Magma barked at them as he used his flames to melt the ice to evaporate.

"I will be fine inside the temple. It's you two I am worried about. This place is known for it's extremely cold temperatures… "

The Three had navigated the temple of ice as it was getting more colder and icer the further they went in.

"I C-can't f-feel my p-paws…."

Bohdi turned to Zephyr as he was shaking hard

"I think i know one way to fix this…" Bodhi closed his eyes and took a deep breath as his aura was forming around, and the coldness from Zephyr was flowing off his fur into the form of water and flowed into his mouth as he was breathing it in.

"What...was that?"

Bohdi's ice aura went away as he burped out a small cloud of ice "Ice breathing i can absorb the coldness as water into me… it's not easy to do-" Bohdi had looked uncomfortable as his stomach groaned a bit in pain as he held it. "But i don't want you to freeze, Magma can you please use your heat shield around Zeph?" Magma nodded and did so.

They were trying to find the secondary exit out, they checked the room the Gaian Crystal was in as it was safe and sound.

They navigated to the bottom to chasm where a worn out bridge was there not looking very safe to walk on.

Bohdi was holding his stomach more as he did an icy howl attack to freeze the bridge back into place.

"S-sorry i tried to hold it in… ugh my stomach is killing me"

Zephyr had warmed up enough to fly across the bridge using his electric wings "Come on we are almost out!"

Magma used his hands and feet to form fire under them to boost him ironman style across the bridge.

"Yo Frosty get your butt over here!" Zephyr shouted.

Bohdi looked annoyed holding his stomach as the icy bridge was crumbing under his weight

"What the?!" The ice bodhi shot back out and was melting fast for some reason and the wooden bridge had given out from under him.


Bohdi was falling

"Fly, use your ice wings!"

"I c-can't I'm in to much p-pain"

Zephyr had flown up and flew back down to catch bodhi as he saw sharp rocks at the bottom with water flowing under them.

Zephyr caught Bodhi as he was struggling a bit to fly them both up

"Zeph you got it?"

"Does it look like i got it?! You are way heavier than i thought!"

The two were losing height before Zephyr got an idea

"The cold builds up static electricity… so i can use that.."

Zephyr had a huge boost of electricity from under him and flew him and Bodhi in his arms back up to the other side of the chasm.

"Zeph you did it!"

So after they got back to the Frost castle to warm up, The other wolves were there in winter like clothes looking panicked.

"Are you guys alright? Akira said there was a small earthquake…" Artemis stared at the others as the three wolves were getting along in Bohdi's room with the heaters on.

After the near death experiences with Bodhi saving Zeph and the other way around the two were getting along more than they did before the temple of ice tried to kill them. Magma was happy that he has his two friends getting along well with each other after all this time.


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