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S3 Ep24- Cypress Woods Graduation

So Amber and Angela had graduated with the rest of the class of 2020, with Artemis and the other wolves attending the outdoor Graduation with the Moonstone family there as well.

Amber had a final class party with her class, and she was very happy with Artemis by her side.

"Artemis i did not really know you were 19… you looked to be my age"

"Well I thought you were 19 myself but i was wrong as your birthday was February 2nd 2002…"

"Well I share my December 12th birthday with Solaris, and we are the oldest in the group"

"What year?"


"Huh nice i did not know that because i assumed you were 18 heh"

Amber and Artemis were sitting at the lake on the docks at sunset at the graduation party by the lake side.

Amber formally introduced her class to Artemis the "cute wolf BF" she had been dating for a few months now


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