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S3 Ep25- End of Chapter

So Artemis helped Amber and Anglea move things into a large truck as the two of them with a few of their cousins were going to be attending school in California a few states away.

"So where do I meet you guys on my ship?"

They had traveled to a college town in northern california, and helped them move into their dorm there when it was night time as they went on a bit of a road trip.

"So i guess this is going to be the plan for now right?"

"Dating long distance for the time being yes"

The two looked a bit sad but they both hugged and kissed each other until they were able to see each other again.

Artemis had gone back to his ship waving as it jetted back to the gaian homeworld.

Amber turned around and went back to her dorm and shut the door behind her.


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