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S3 Ep9 -Cypress Woods Prom

Amber can be seen placing a letter at the doorstep of the temple sighing before going back home.

The door opened to the temple to show Artemis with his hair down wearing a bathrobe and house shoes looking like he showered.

He picked up the letter, and opened it as a prom ticket fell out of it as he picked it up with his magic.

"Dear Artemis, I am so sorry about the way that I had treated you. I had an awful day that day and when you showed up to cheer me up I pushed you away and picked a fight with you."

"I know we aren't necessarily on speaking terms and i know this is selfish for me to say but can you come to prom with me?, i left you a ticket for you to be able to get into the event"

"Signed your.... soon to be ex girlfriend Amber Lucy Lane"

"Hey guys mind helping me with something?"

Artemis had walked back inside and shut the door, and later on that night at the prom venue the gym at cypress academy that was decked out like a ballroom.

Amber was seen wearing a light pink dress with her hair done up with her makeup and was sitting at one of the tables alone with Artemis's contact info pulled up on her phone.

She sighs "why did i treat you so awful.... Onyx i should have never done that to you"


Amber's ears perked up as she stood up and turned around, Artemis can be seen with his hair brushed down and clean wearing a black suit, slacks and shoes with a white dress undershirt with a light pink tie.

"Artemis... I-"

"I understand you are sorry about what happened, but before we both rush to a conclusion I want to give you a fun night that you won't forget" Artemis smiled as he put his hand out to her as she grabbed it.

The two had a fun night just talking and dancing, even though Artemis could not dance he still tried his best.

Once the night had ended the two had left the gym to go further into town.


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