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S4 Ep1- Growing Apart

It is now August of 2020, Artemis can be seen in his messy room watching tv and looking like a bit of a mess, with the thought of Amber on his mind.

Solaris had peeked into his room seeing the way his brother is.

"You definitely need to get out of the castle…"

"But Solaris I'm fine….."

"Artemis… is that a body pillow?"

Artemis looked in the direction he was looking as Solaris created a spell circle of his aura color to cast a spell to clean Artemis up and his room and drag him out of it.

"That was A dirty trick…. And i never had a body pillow"

"I know i know but you need some fresh air you have been in your room for a while now"

Solaris had brought his brother to one of the outside gardens of the castle

"What is Amber going to school for?"

"She is going to be a kid doctor, a pediatrician is what she said… she is really good with kids though…"

"Yeah I saw that she was a good babysitter for the nephew and niece during our vacation to Florida during July…."

Solaris had convinced his younger brother to try to get out of the house more and he looked at where the sun was.

"Come on we are going to go on a brothers day out"

Solaris grabbed his brother's arm and basically ran to the royal ship bay.


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