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S4 Ep17-Artemis vs Dudley

So the wolves were in the locker room just talking and hanging out when another wolf, Dudley Saikou had walked into the room wearing a beast fighting uniform.

The wolves had looked over as Dudley handed Artemis a letter and walked off back outside with his entourage behind him.

The wolves had gathered around Artemis to read the letter, as Akira began holding his head like it was hurting.

"He wants to fight me, but my gut is telling me not to fight him but I feel like I have to because technically I am the winner of this thing."

Kage was hugging Akira as he was still holding his head as Dakota was hugged by Justin as he was a bit sore from the fight before.

After Artemis had walked onto the turf the stadium was quiet as Dudley entered a battle stance with a sharp glare at him.

The two had a beast fight and Artemis's powers were very weakened and Dudley took advantage of that and won over him because of that.

"Next time get stronger pup…" He coldly said before walking out of the stadium as the other wolves rushed to his side.

"Who was that mutt?" Zephyr said in confusion.

"I don't know…" Artemis mumbled to himself.


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