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S4 Ep19-Saikou Island

The wolves had spent the night at Moonstone castle and the core 9 members minus Justin Dakota and Solaris had woken up even more tired than yesterday.

"Ugh… Why am i so tired?"

The 9 core members also had bags under their eyes and their powers were very weak, Akira and Kage were unable to remain fused for longer than a few seconds that weak and even by using their beast triggers they were unable to use their magic that well.

It wasn't until Justin looked out one of the windows that then they noticed that something was majorly wrong.

"Uh guys…."

The wolves's ears had all perked up as they walked to the same window Justin was at.

"I think we figured out what area needs to be investigated next…."

The wolves had seen a man made island north of Opal city in moonstone castle in the distance and Artemis had a determined look on his face.

"We are using my ship for this…"

Artemis turned around and started walking in the direction of his ship as the wolves followed closely behind them.


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