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S4 Ep2- Brother’s Day Out

Solaris had used his ship to fly to the upscale museum district in Opal city, and dragged his brother on a tour of the History of Gaia Exhibit.

"You know they should really update this place to account for the 9th Gaian Crystal because of you know… us discovering it"

"Well yeah i was going to show you the new edition to this exhibit" Solaris walked with his brother to the new area where it shows what he just said.

Solaris also took his brother out to eat, and get some window shopping done but something tragic had happened. Artemis's hair band he had for a while had broken and his hair was down.

"Oh no…." Artemis had picked it up off the ground and looked at it "I figured this was going to happen at some point…"

"Hey Bro"

Solaris pointed to a hair supply shop.

"Bet we can find another one or help you make one"

Solaris had helped his brother as he stumbled across a dark bandana the same color as his old hair band that looked like it could fit.

"Hmmm… how easy can your hair be held back?"

"Pretty easy actually… maybe this could work let's buy it and see if it does"

Solaris bought his brother the bandana and put it on a way so that it would fit over his brother's forehead while Artemis had his longer hairstyle.

Artemis looked in the mirror as the style was different but fit for now, as he wanted his hair to be away from his face. Once the two got out of the shop Artemis had a hair tie with him and got an idea.

He undid the bandana, put his hair in a downwards ponytail and put the bandana on the same way as before.

"Actually that look fits you pretty well Bro"

Solaris had succeeded in bringing his brother out of pseudo depression and also gave him a new look in the process.


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