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S4 Ep20- An island of Despair

The wolves investigate the island and their powers slowly start coming back, and they discover the island is a huge factory, with some buildings and other places built on it.

"This place looks like a factory…"

The strange thing is that there are not many people on the island, only workers who maintain this island factory.

Akira no longer had bags under his eyes and blinked hard.

"H-hey i think my powers are back."

The other wolves also blinked hard as their powers had returned as well and Akira summoned his fans and put one behind himself and the other infront of his face.

"What is he doing?"

"Shhh let him focus"

Akira then used his powers with his fans acting like a wand of sorts to channel water up to him to create a diagram.

"The wolf that challenged Artemis is Dudley Saikou, and that he is a minority ghost wolf having the powers of a light and shadow wolf."

"His powers had blocked ours and i think it was form of a shadow block that not either Myself or Kage noticed"

"What's going to happen next is-"

Akira is knocked out with a blow to the head by someone hitting him hard with a punch and the other wolves were knocked out as well as it was the workers who were guards who had taken care of them.

"Round them up to the Amplifier let's see if these gods of gaia will come to them in trouble as expected."

Dudley Saikou had appeared with his cold stare as he snapped his fingers and the wolves were put in a magic force field still knocked out as he walked off with the guards still behind him.


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