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S4 Ep23-Rise of the Shadow Wolves pt2

The royal families of gaia (minus Justin and Dakota's families) go to their respective gaia temples to ask the gods for help and they respond as their sons were the one to get them to appear back in March.

The gods tell them where their sons are being held, and meanwhile at the Saikou base the wolves minus justin were put into the magic orbs that would be used to charge magic out of them like a beast trigger.

"Today my family members-"

Mr Saikou can be seen flipping a lever down.

"We restore Gaia back to its former glory there are 24 hours until the charge is complete and rewind time. "

The wolves's natural colors can be seen slowly fading from them, and the orbs they were in are keeping them in a vegative state preventing them from being awake inside them. The natural colors being the magic levels in them.


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