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S4 Ep24-Rise of the Shadow wolves pt3

12 hours remain in the race to change time on gaia and each kingdom had reddied their armies to storm saikou island. King Shield was the one who headed the attack, as the other kings were on standby just in case anything had gone wrong.

The Queens of Gaia were standing on the sidelines along with Mr and Ms Opal, as the kings had stormed the island along with the many army lions.

They had used their more powerful spells and magic to fight their way to the bottom where their sons were being held.

"Mr Saikou"

The Saikou family with Dudley still there had turned around as they were at a control panel of sorts with King Moonstone in the front with his fellow kings behind him.

"This Game is over shut down that machine now"

Mr Saikou had a shadow fall over his face as the rest of his family members had run away but Dudley had remained by his father's side expecting something to happen.


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