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S4 Ep25-The Island of Despair falls

The kings had rescued their sons by breaking the magic orbs they were trapped in as Mr Saikou was still in the same pose as before.

Mr Saikou pulled out a magic staff as he rushed for King Moonstone but he was holding him back pretty well but that clone had vanished.

Soon a magic fight broke out against Mr Saikou and the kings with Dudley frozen in his tracks King Shield was able to get Victor along with Justin Solaris and Artemis the other kings got their sons as King Moonstone was holding back Mr Saikou.

Mr Saikou had one more last trick as he tried to use his ghost powers but in a surprising move King Moonstone used the same ghost move against him and did a reversal and pushed him into the console he was using hard as the factory started to shake.

"N-no No this place is going to blow!" Dudley shouted as he got his father up from the ground as his father ran to the exit.

Dudley tried to follow his dad as the kings had already left but got pinned under some rubble falling as that knocked him out cold.


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