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S4 Ep26-A Melancholy Ending

The "Island of Despair" explodes as the gods have saved everyone including the Saikou family but Dudley was seemingly missing or dead.

The magic that was channeled from inside the factory was unleashed through that explosion messing with time on the planet but the gods of Gaia fixed it by putting time back in it's natural balance.

The wolves were rushed to the hospital due to over magic exposure thinking that the toxic reaction to magic may happen to them.

The wolves had woken up in their own hospital rooms as Amber was sitting in the chair inside his room.


"Y-yeah it's me f-funny enough.."

"This was just like back during March"

Artemis stood up in his bed as Amber rushed up to hug and Kiss him.

"Celestia had told me everything… are you going to be okay?"

"Pretty sure i am… i feel my powers are back and i trust that the doctors are taking care of myself and the others''

Artemis had looked at his wrist to see that he wasn't wearing his beast bracelet.

"What's wrong?"

Artemis looked back at Amber

"Do you know the reason why you see every magic user wearing a beast bracelet or a beast band?"

"Besides using magic? No"

"Those bands are used as protection due to overexposure to magic, as having too much could lead to over exposure and potentially render a wolf or anyone from using magic by burning out their magic gland"

"That's… Very useful actually… no wonder why you gave me your older beast band to use a bracelet you wanted to make sure i was going to be protected right?"

"Y-yes… i care so much about you" Artemis had wiped a tear from his eyes as Amber had held his hand.

"Don't worry I'm not going anywhere… I'm going to stay here by your side even if we are on different planets."

(Ending of the heroes of gaia season 4)


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