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S4 Ep4- The first show

So Solaris was performing one of his songs at one of his many concerts, in opal city as always but during the middle of the song he was singing he had lost his voice. He was able to talk but had a raspy voice and was coughing a bit, Artemis who was standing off to the side had seen that happen in real time.

Solaris had dropped his signature microphone and ran off stage as the crowd gasped and the music stopped and the crowd was murmuring and talking among themselves.

Artemis took a deep breath and walked onto the stage as everyone had gone quiet, staring at him as an unknown wolf got onto stage as he picked up his brother's microphone.

"Um hello everyone my brother Solaris had um… ran of stage after he lost his voice for some reason"

Artemis had looked to the DJ booth and waved his hand to get their attention as the DJ had ran the last track.

Artemis had started singing the Song Solaris was not able to finish the crowd was silent but Solaris had peaked out and encouraged them to go along with it as he left the stage again.

Artemis also did another thing he used his plant based powers to make it rain rose petals to end the song.

After that Artemis had officially entered the spotlight on being a famous wolf, a world he thought he was unable to be in for his past singing voice and looks.

Solaris's voice had went out as he was straining it too much for the past back to back performances, and again he was feeling slightly jealous of his brother for somewhat stealing the spotlight from him.


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