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S4 Ep5- Brother vs brother

While Solaris is recovering Artemis performed at his remaining shows as he does them for one week straight at the beginning of a month. And the week before these shows he was recording some new music and getting some modeling done when he was not in the studio.

Artemis's fame was getting to be 1/8th of his older brother but eventually his fame was growing more after a while.

Artemis had used his stage name as Artemis or professionally as Artemis O Moonstone like his brother as the two share the same middle and last names. Eventually he was getting so popular that he was going to do some modeling (as he was working out regularly from season 1 and was fairly buff, losing some weight).

Eventually Artemis's popularity was rivaling his brother Solaris and one night at the castle he had got in an argument over fame and popularity and that he was incredibly jealous over him and feeling like he was in his famous shadow.

It was then Solaris realized he had been overshadowing his brother for many years and realized how it was to experience himself that he had been awful to him.

The Moonstone twins made up with each other over what happened, it's also explained that Solaris was the popular of the twins for his looks and his singing talents with his humble personality and never noticed how Artemis was feeling or how he stole a potential girlfriend away from him when they were younger.


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