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S4 Ep6-Jupiter and Jenifer's wedding

So In the background The moonstone twins' older brother Jupiter decided to tie the knot with Jenifer, a fellow Gaian wolf.

One thing about Gaian Culture is this, people tend to get married more young if they find someone that they truly care about.

So The remaining members of the moonstone family + the extended one showed up on Jupiter's side of the family as Jenifer's family had shown up as well.

Solaris and Artemis were excited as this time they can both meet their future Sister-in-law, and her side of the family as well.

The Wedding venue was at the Moonstone castle, in the main garden area on the first floor, with the reception being in the huge kitchen/dining room.

The Moonstone twins performed one of Solaris's songs and got the party started and Jupiter and Jenifer seemed to really like the party wedding and everything in general.

"How do you perform like this all the time without getting tired?"

"Easy once you get a few done it becomes second nature and you won't feel as tired".

Solaris and Artemis had laughed at that and continued talking as the night went on.


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