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S4 Ep7- Beach Day

The wolves had headed to the beach just to have some more summertime fun and really the only wolf who could not swim was Zephyr as he is the opposite of storm who is a water wolf.

The other wolves minus Justin and Zeph were in the water having fun as Justin was relaxing with the waves washing onto the shore.

"Yes Zeph?"
"...I can't swim"

Justin's ears had perked up
"You can't swim?, do the others know this?"

"N-no...I'm kinda scared on telling them"

Victor was behind Zephyr and put his hand on his shoulder as he jumped hard



"You heard the whole thing didn't you…?"

"Yeah i did… you could have told us Z"

Zephyr sighed as Victor told him to go into the water as Victor told the other wolves the problem and did not mock Zeph for not being able to swim.

Storm was going to be the lifeguard… or rather wolf guard as Artemis and Solaris were going to watch the mini "swimming session"

"Now because you are smaller I'm not going to go all the way into the water… Just watch me"

Victor can then be seen swimming normally without using his strength to go faster and diving under the water before popping his head back up moving the hair from his eyes.

Zephyr was hesitant to go more into the water.

Bohdi had appeared next to Zeph as he instantly grabbed onto him shaking a bit.

"Woah your breathing is super hard… you don't have to go through this Z"

Zephyr's legs were visibly shaking as Storm did a water jet out of the water as Victor also got out of the water in a less flashy way.
"Hey Get Z out of the water i have an idea" Storm can be seen using his water powers to create a makeshift pool out of a cube of water that's only 3 ft deep but it was on the sand.

Bohdi caught into Storms drift and created ice walls to contain the water, Colton and Magma had made steps to go to the "pool"

It was then Zephyr learned how to swim for the most part, but he was going to rely on Victor and Storm to help him get better at it as time goes on.


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