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S5 Ep 1- A Chill Day

Some time later in October of 2020, after the drama of Season 4 had ended, Artemis's popularity as a singer (and now plus sized model) had skyrocketed to rival his brother Solaris but only by a little.

A flashback can be seen during September of albums being sold with modeling pictures also can be seen along with Artemis getting some minor roles in movies and TV shows.

But this day Artemis was video chatting with Amber on his Laptop, a change of pace because normally the two lovebirds video chat on their phones.

"I can't believe all this has happened to you Babe i am so happy for you, but still all this fame happening was from you saving the show from Solaris"

"Yeah that gives me so many funny looks when i tell them how i got famous in the beginning just to people in general"

Artemis had met some of Amber's roommates which of course her sister with two more of her cousins Rachel and Tammy which are her first cousins along with a few other friends of hers.

After the call had ended Artemis had showered his hair being a bit longer but still in it's normal way, but then he noticed some of it was sticking up like an ahoogie.

"Why do i have the sudden urge to shout no that's wrong during a nonstop date?"

He shrugged and brushed his hair down.


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