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S5 Ep3- The Origins of Magic

Thousands and Thousands of years ago, there was a magical Comet that crashed into Gaia which at the time had no moons or rings around it, just a normal planet the size of earth in an unnamed galaxy neighboring the milky way galaxy where Earth is.

When the planet of Gaia was side swiped a huge chunk of it was broken off and was broken up by the gravity of the planet.

However this magic comet had an unknown side effect the planet over night formed to be how it looks today without the space station, and the people on the planet were not harmed but some people were blown out to space on these smaller moons and planets.

The wolves of gaia at the time were dying at a very fast speed, but the magic comet had mutated them to possess magic and over time the wolf population had boomed so much that roughly 50% of the planet was made of them but other animals and some humans existed.

The Ancestors of the main eight royal families had established their own kingdoms, with the Eardwulf family being the first magical one but helping the other kingdoms as well.

Light,Dark,Steel,Strength,Water,Electricity,Fire and Ice were the main elements with other species of wolf being found but they were in the minority of wolf types, along with a normal non magic gaian wolf.

The Ancestors of gaia made the 8 Gaian temples as the planet was still ragged, and to their surprise the planet has formed magical roots underground to the core of the planet as if it's alive with its own Heartbeat.

Now that magical comet that smashed into gaia thousands of years ago landed on earth, in the Lionheart kingdom it was smaller than the one that hit the other planet but the Earth royal family took care and preserved it.

However earth magic and Gaian magic are different, One mainly uses wands the other Mainly uses spell circles in order to summon things or for general magic, earth magic is non toxic while Gaian magic is slightly toxic.

Lastly no one knows where this magic comet came from in the universe, not on Gaia and not on Earth, and that mystery may never be solved. However more magical events have happened on Earth, from a magical hour in a day, a dream world of sorts and a crystal like world from another shard of the magic comet along with the shadows of people causing havoc.


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