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S5 Ep4- The Truth of the Moonstone family

In the year 1500, problems started to show on Gaia the territorial wolves had started fighting each other with magic to solve their problems but it wasn't until one wolf a male of 19 years of age mastered the Eight elements to forge a new island in the middle of the ocean showing that everyones powers can be used to bring everyone together.

Then the war of 1500 happened and that this Male had single handley ended the fighting with the people who had moved to this magic made island.

This man was the first King of the Unity Kingdom (at this time Unity Island) and the first Moonstone, named Winston.

Now generally the moonstone family were brown wolves with brown diamond shaped eyes with black hair or having a darker or lighter hair color, or darker or lighter fur. Usually it's the males that have a slow metabolism which every so often you will see a king more chubby than a female.

Winston Moonstone started the family as the first king, and the future generations of his family are able to accomplish amazing shows of magic.

List of important moonstones-
Drake Moonstone- The King of Darkness was using dark magic so much he developed bat wings to fly with, and two floating devil-like horns above his head.

Opal Moonstone- After the passing of her husband she took up the role as queen at age 18 and ruled for 70 years before stepping down as Queen to give her daughter the role as Queen. She was known to use her special type of fairy magic to charm her enemies and keep the harmony of the unity in the kingdom. She was known to use her special wand which was a parasol to cast her magic, and was one of the best beast fighters as a female ever.

Valencia Moonstone- She was the second fairy type magic user in the moonstone family, and was also the one who started the tradition of a magic wand being passed down from king/queen to their daughter or son. She was the one who turned her mother's parasol into a full fledged wand that changes onto the user, even though in her hands it never changed.

Don Moonstone- 47th King- Father to Oliver, and was known to be rather passive.
Oliver Moonstone- 48th King- the fallen king of Gaia
Onyx Moonstone- 49th King had many kids after the death of his father at 16 years old and single handedly had made the bloodline of the family more bigger and less of a risk of vanishing
Artemis moonstone- He is likely to become the 50th Monarch of the Unity/Harmony Kingdom.


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