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S5 Ep6-The Promise

So Amber and Artemis had gone out on another date, the first one in person in a while, to just a small diner near the college Amber was at.

The two were talking about the things in their lives, Artemis becoming famous and Amber adjusting to college.



"Mind if i tell you something…?"


"You know how i can see into the future and all?"

"Yeah ?"

"I saw a future where the two of us becoming the most powerful couple on gaia, with you being a kid doctor on earth while also spending time with me on the weekends, and be being the king of my kingdom while also protecting everyone"

"What i am saying is this…"

Artemis had pulled out a sliver ring and gave it to her

"Will you promise to be with me to become my Queen?"

Amber takes the ring and slides it onto her finger

"It's pretty to look at, and i will be your queen Artemis"

The two had hugged and kissed.


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