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Death's Blood Ch. Eight: The Burdens We Carry

Eight: The Burdens We Carry     (I heeded what my mother and Clement told me. The only thing that I could do was keep on living. Over that summer, I was still isolated all the more, thinking that I could die tomorrow and nobody would care. I felt like only I cared that Gaston had been killed. The only thing that I could do to live as if I were to die tomorrow, was steal. Crime was the only way I and others could manage, though barely. There were still Sundays when Clement would come home




Death's Blood Ch. Seven: The Hunter's Heart

Seven: The Hunter’s Heart     (The day spent at Tenebra Angela Concert Hall was one of the best days of my life. I had the music sink in and hummed what I could remember of what was the symphony written by a man whose personal tragedy was the motivation. Despite the story behind it, and the emotion of the melodies, it was something that I wanted to listen to again. I hummed lowly as I walked with my mother and Clement back to the house. Unlike them, I still wore the decorative mask along

Death's Blood Ch. Six: Inside The Smoke

Six: Inside the Smoke     (I knew just what my mother and Clement would say when I wanted to help Gaston. I was tempted to take the butcher knife and storm in that house, to stab the man attacking him. I was smart enough to know that no pup was to be treated like that. No one would ever lay their hands on a pup in anything but affectionately. (I went the second half of the school day, carrying more coin than I needed. I had become a spy already, and was making more from it in addition

Death's Blood Ch. Five: Loyalties

Five: Loyalties                 (This was a rare sight. Clement came home one Spring night, looking more tired than normal, but wearing a grin. It wasn’t just Sunday night, when we got to have real meat and decent broth, but there seemed to be more coin leftover than normal. I would know because I have seen them stash coins to save for the rent. This time, we might have been able to cover the rent with a pound leftover. (Dinner on Sunday night was like fine dining compared to

Death's Blood Ch. Four: Paving The Way

Four: Paving the Way                 Riding a train again, to Ventine, to the one oasis in this country that I know. It’s been considered an oasis for the temples among nature. Based on pictures I’ve seen of oases, this is the odd one out. This time, I intend to stay for longer than I normally do. I wait until I’m at the temples to read the pages that Jack’s contact has given me, threatening to blaze a hole in the inner breast pocket of my light-grey pinstripe blazer. The ride is

Death's Blood Ch. Three: A Friendly Contract

Three: A Friendly Contract     (The day was as foggy as any day in winter is known to be. As predators, we were the lucky ones even when we could not even afford firewood. Even at this time, I stole. We had enough blankets to keep us warm at night. However, there was something else. I had my eyes on the storage of one of those vendors. While the dealer was busy with a patron wearing rags, I hurried to the storage, crouching as I did so, and I opened the door slowly, listening for the pos

Death's Blood Ch. Two: Catching Up

Two: Catching Up                 (My life seemed to have no meaning. We were poor. We couldn’t get enough food. I was lucky to be in a school that could teach girls, but that was where most of our money went. My mother told me, “Why do you keep getting in fights at school?” Normally, I would have aches and bruises at the end of the day, but that day, I had a small cut on the side of my muzzle, to which my mother tended. (I answered bluntly, “I had to, Mum. It was the only way

Death's Blood Ch. One: Last Will

One: Last Will               “To my dear Daughter, “This message means that I am dead. I know you will open this when you are not ready. It seemed that way when we stopped speaking to one another for good, but I never gave up on our relationship. I truly loved your mother, and I wanted to love you”- I fasten my belt and sheathe my two blades in the scabbard on each side. - “which is why I must request one thing of you despite your unreasonable hatred. I regret that
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