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About this story

As an outbreak sweeps through the animals of the city, people are worried about their own safety and health. Animals who are infected die, and those who aren't are often captured, and what happens to them... Who knows? What about those who are neither infected nor die? Well, they become feral and flee to the nearby forests. Jethro, the leader of his faction, must keep everyone together and safe. The animals must not only struggle to survive the outbreak, but they must survive the harsh realities of the wild as well. Tensions and temptations begin to grow stronger in the group, though, and the survival of everyone is on the line...

Entries in this story


Chapter 3

Kenny slept until roughly a little before daybreak. He began to wake up, eyes blinking groggily. He felt exhausted like he had gotten no sleep the night before. Why was he so tired? He then remembered the night before, and his heart sank. 'Oh, right,' he thought to himself. To his surprise, Dusty was sitting and looking out the window besides him. "Dusty?" he mumbled. The badger looked down at him and smiled. He looked awful and exhausted. "Oh, Morning Ken... You hungry?" he asked. Kenny wasn't

Chapter 2

As Kenny traveled along the gravel path, he began to think about the raccoon. Why would it be here if it knew the risk of being attacked was high? Simple, a voice in his head told him. Even though the risk of it getting killed was high, the rewards were great. There was lots of food, herbs and other resources to be found here that may not be as easy to obtain in other factions. This answer pleased him. As one usually does in these situations, his mind wandered to what he would do if he actually

Chapter 1

Kenny was wandering through a shady land. He had no clue where he was, and even with his sharp night vision, he couldn't see far into the darkness. All he heard was the wind rushing through the trees with agility. Shadows morphed slowly around him into indiscernible shapes. As he cautiously crept through the darkness, he heard soft echoes around him. He couldn't make out the voices, but they slowly became louder and louder with each passing second. Finally, he entered a clearing, all of which he


The pelt of an orange tabby tom appeared against the dark night sky. After looking both ways, he darted across the street into a junkyard. "Which car was he in, again?" He muttered to himself, annoyed. Leaping up onto a nearby car, he peered around for the one he was looking for before he spotted it. "Aha! There it is!" He approached the car he had been looking for. The car was dull and dented, but the trunk was able to be opened with ease, and it kept out the chill of the winter night. The tom
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