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The Role of an Gaian Monarch

The one of a Monarch is to protect the people of their kingdom, While also being the main government force in their respective Kingdoms.
-The Role of a King is to protect their respective Gaia Temple, Manage the Military force and police forces and serve as an enforcer to the laws and are seen as the head of their Kingdom much like a president.
-The Role of a Queen is to serve as the diplomat and general Manager of sorts to the Kingdom, She also acts as a second in command if the King were to ever fall in combat or in General like a Vice President of sorts.
-The Line of succession is this King-Queen-Eldest Son or Daughter, If the eldest child is a Female then whoever they marry will take her last name but she will be seen as a "King" but her husband will be seen as a "Queen".
-Only the Royal Family has the power to choose who will become the next monarch, and Can choose between their children's past the age of 17 in their family or their sibling nephew or niece in their second close families This also can apply to their grandkids of the monarch or great niece or nephew.

The "Term" Of a Monarch normally lasts 30 years but in the case of Opal Moonstone She had the longest reign as Queen for 70 Years but sometimes had her Daughter or grandkids also be a monarch while she supervised from the side.

The Monarch to a Gaian would be The King Queen Duo that protects the kingdom, often saying "My Monarch" Or "My Queen/King"


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