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Amunet Samarensis
"There was a time, years ago, when everything were calm and somewhat normal.

Alrasif Point is a famous dock from Ferrington City. Near on there there are precious beach, apartments nearby, tempered weather. One of the apartments, there was an exotic mature Cobra. She's a professional Arabic dancer and foreign language teacher.

She was on her vacations enjoying the tempered weather. Few people on the beach, quite calm, cloudy and adequate humidity.

She finished her arabic dancing course online minutes ago, and immediately prepared herself with her favorite dress. She loves purple, a lot. She got a call for a date, and this one is pretty special. One of her student was brave enough to ask for a date. Amunet Samarensis were aware of age difference, but didn't care enough. What's more, she was proud to still being attractive for her age!

The student came to her place... she was waiting on the balcony, with a smirk. The student took a picture for this moment."

Hey~ Hope you're enjoying this artwork as I did. She's quite a gal at her age, isn't it?

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