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Aperil #5 - Boxing Gorilla
This time is not quite a warm-up doodle, but a specific frame of a looped animation I'm making for the Gorilla Boxing Day. I've speculated for a while about the design of shoes that a gorilla should wear, and this looks like a decent compromise.
Uh, yeah, you've read right, I'm experimenting again with animation. It was pretty time-consuming, but also funny and rewarding, and makes also my static art more dynamic and essential.
Most of all another artist that's quite versed in animation is offering me his help, and having direct feedback from someone at a pro-level is an unmissable opportunity.
So, I've decided to spend at least 8 hours of my week animating, more a habit than an objective-focused approach, because I have realized that rushing towards a self-imposed deadline doesn't pay off in the slightest.
The page of SkyHorn is almost done, it needs only the shadow effects and some clutter like the balloons and the frame borders, but I don't want to stress myself any further, I will wait tomorrow and maybe notice with rested head and sight the flaws that I often miss, especially when I apply the colors.
The rhythm of updating of SkyHorn and Celebrity Bangmatch will slightly slow down, but you will appreciate the other line of work, I guarantee.
I could also start working on minutes-long videos of himbos bonking each other on loop. What about that?

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