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Boyfriends 💜
The boyfriends!!

Although Lionshark is very aggressive and sadistic, he does have a soft spot for his lover. He'd never say "I love you" words are hard and heavy. But he tries to show his affection.

Lionshark wants the best for Rhino. He sees him as this successful, ambitious, strong guy who can have a great life and career. Lionshark would only slow him down.

The fact that hybrids and non-hybrids cannot be together makes this harder too. But it's not like they have to worry about giving birth to a mutant offspring. Still, Lionshark is paranoid and doesn't like it when people look at them, even if they're not doing anything wrong. He just feels like he's ruining Rhino's life.

But the fact is Rhino likes him with all his imperfections. He sees the good in Lionshark that the hybrid can't see in himself like his loyalty and his desire to do right even if people wrong him.

Although things are tough, the two would rather be together than be apart 💜
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Lionshark and Rhino