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Manibrandr Soundworks

Emergence ~From Story to Life~

Okay so this one was a journey that took all three of us to complete, what started off as experimentation with MPC Beats and an attempt to create our first trap beat ended up becoming a 9-minute long Orchestral Trap epic. - Valerie

Yep, though I really have Valerie here to thank for the orchestral part of this piece, her skill as an arranger really showed through with this. My original plan was for this to be a short 2:30-4:00 banger. - Iselyn

I stepped in in the final stages to do active listening work on the track, and add my own emotional touches to the track, and I think this really brought out what the other two had worked on, enjoy! - Julayla
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Iselyn "Joan-Marie" de la Lune Grimaude, Valerie "Freyja" Grimaude-Valens & Julayla Tovah Grimaude
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