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Manibrandr Soundworks

Signals from the Heavens EP - 02. Descent into Madness

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"She also learned of another village a ways away, who has people just like them, but are considerably healthier, some even living lives that spanned aeons while retaining their youthful looks, and they seem to be working with the larger, more dominant species.

What follows is a quest that Isabel took to go into the mines, confront the dominant species, free the indentured miners, and slaying the giant beast that the dominant species kept as a pet and a tool for intimidating the more unruly miners into compliance. For her troubles, she met the first spirit of reality, the spirit of entropy, who spoke of the crisis that had befallen all of reality, and threatens to destroy everything that exists, and all that will ever exist."​
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Valerie "Freyja" Grimaude-Valens
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Isabel Merton