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Manibrandr Soundworks

Signals from the Heavens EP - 03. Mischievous Felinism

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"Just then, a cluster of bright flashes emanated from one of the corridors, followed by a cat-shaped person sprinting out, and then several burly looking creatures pursuing them. This cat person appears to be carrying some sort of artifact. Several personnel in uniform moved to apprehend the cat person, as well as the people pursuing them. However, the cat person managed to slip away into another portal, while their pursuers muscled their way through, and followed the cat person into the same portal. The security detail stopped dead in their tracks when they realized what portal the interlopers ran into lead to...

...Approaching the cat person, he introduced himself as Nimbus, master con artist and all-around joker. He explained what his deal is and why so many are chasing him. He then showed what he stole, which was, in fact, an artifact much like the one Entropy described. Unfortunately, its power appears to have been sealed away and cannot be activated, Nimbus simply took it because it looked important to very unscrupulous people."​
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Valerie "Freyja" Grimaude-Valens
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Nimbus Felisto